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Nicola McLean’s husband has to order takeaways for her due to crippling anxiety as she admits ‘I’m not good with life’

NICOLA McLean's husband has to order takeaways for her due to her crippling anxiety.

The former Page 3 model admits "I'm not good with life" as she battles with her confidence.

She told The Sun her ex-footballer hubby Tom Williams, 41, has been a huge support and steps in when things gets too much.

Her anxiety became a real issue during the pandemic, as she fears for the future and finds herself being overwhelmed by her insecurities.

“He is my rock,” she says in an exclusive interview.

“I’m so anxious and I’m lucky he understands me, and the crazy s**t I make that man do when I can’t bring myself to do it…

 “He still has to order a takeaway on the phone for me. He’ll even do it for me if he’s abroad in America. I’ve also got really sensitive noise anxiety. If you whistle or click your fingers or rattle keys, it’s enough to make me want to kill you.

“If he whistles, I’m like, ‘Babe’, and he says sorry. He’s honestly so good with it."

Over the years she has dealt with crippling anxiety and eating disorders as she struggled with her image.

“Vanity has definitely made me worried about turning 40,” she admits.

“I don’t want to get older. When people say, ‘Life begins at 40’, I’m like, ‘Really?’.”

And after feeling “out of control” she says she relapsed and her weight plummeted.

Now Nicola has stripped off for a Pamela Anderson-inspired photoshoot as she prepared to enter a new decade.

She declared posing naked was just the confidence boost she needed as she turns 40 this weekend.

She also opened up about her and husband Tom's steamy sex life in an interview with The Sun.

“We have always fancied each other,” she says.

The spark is naturally there. It’s never a chore, we always have that attraction for each other.

“Whatever life has thrown at us, that’s never been a problem for us. The spark is naturally there. It’s never a chore, we always have that attraction for each other.

“We’re lucky that we’re self-employed because when you’ve got a 15-year-old who knows exactly what you’re doing, you’ve got to be more careful. People say it’s hard to fit in sex with looking after babies, but it’s harder with teens — you can’t exactly tell them you were wrestling, can you?

“My kids are never out and there’s usually a house full of their friends so it’s lucky Tom and I have got the days together. We’re like a pair of teenagers ourselves — you’ve got to be.

“I’m not trying to make out we’re always swinging from the chandeliers because that would be a lie, but there’s always that level of intimacy with us. We always cuddle, we always kiss and we’re always affectionate together. We never have blazing rows.

“We might bicker over the kids because I say ‘yes’ to everything and he’s more strict, but we just get on really well.

“He’s the funniest person I’ve ever met in my life. I fancy him as much as I did 17 years ago. He’s got better with age.”

Nicola McLean reveals she is the only one who can discipline her kids and doesn't even let husband Tom tell them off

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