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Neymar admits ‘I am very annoying on the pitch’ and claims ‘I did not come to PSG to play in the Europa League’

NEYMAR has admitted that he is 'very annoying on the pitch' in the wake of his spat with Scott McTominay.

The pair clashed during Paris Saint-Germain's 3-1 victory over Manchester United at Old Trafford last night.

Neymar, 28, angrily confronted the Scottish ace at half-time after McTominay had inadvertently trodden on his ankle.

Nonplussed, the United midfielder smirked as Neymar angrily remonstrated with him.

And the former Barcelona star admitted that he is just trying to be a 'leader' on the pitch.

He told Eleven Sports: "I have always felt like a leader, since I was 17, I have never needed to have to armband to feel that way.

"Today, I am a figure at PSG.

"Everything that I can do on the pitch has an impact on my teammates and what I want, is to help them, to give the best of myself.

"I am a very annoying guy on the pitch, I follow up a lot with my teammates, but I am also ready to accept criticism, about myself too.

"I am not untouchable. Everyone is fighting for the same thing. I am very happy to be able to help my team-mates.”

With PSG having desperately needed last night's result to wrestle control of Group H, Neymar also reiterated that he did not join PSG to 'play in the Europa League'.

He added: "That is why I said that we needed to change attitude or else we could forget about our Champions’ League dream.

"But we have changed. And today our dream has more life in it.

"Of course, I have never been eliminated in the Champions’ League (group stage) or played in the Europa League.

"That never crossed my mind and it never well. When these difficult moments come, I am able to evolve and take my responsibilities.

I want to play with Messi again


"I did not come here to play in the Europa League.”

Speaking to ESPN, Neymar then stirred a transfer frenzy after the match, admitting that he wants to play with Lionel Messi again next season.

He said: "I want to play with Messi again.

"What I want most of all is to play with Messi again, to be able to enjoy him once again on the pitch.

"I'm sure that next year, we have to do it again."

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