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Newsmax guest hijacks segment to shame network for promoting Trump election lies

A Newsmax guest interrupted an interview to shame the conservative television network for promoting Donald Trump’s lies about the election.

David Litt, a former speechwriter for Barack Obama, took the interview off course on Monday morning to accuse Newsmax of “lying to its own viewers” about the 2020 contest.

Asked whether or not Tesla founder Elon Musk’s appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL) was as good as Mr Trump’s five years ago, Mr Litt took aim at Newsmax.

"What happened on Saturday Night Live this weekend is people made stuff up and then said it on television like it's true," said Mr Litt of the comedy sketch show, and Tesla’s founder. "It actually happens pretty frequently on American TV”.

“For example, in 2020, Dominion Voting Systems sued Newsmax over its false claims about election fraud,” Mr Litt remarked. “Newsmax was lying to its own viewers and Newsmax actually had to settle that lawsuit."

“So, sorry, I just need to check in, are you still telling that lie or are you telling new lies?, Mr Litt asked Rob Finnerty, the Newsmax anchor.

“Wait, I’m sorry, David, do you want to talk about something completely non-related and try to catch me [out] on a Monday morning totally off-topic,” Mr Finnerty offered in retort, “or do you want to talk about Elon Musk?”

“Well I can see why you don’t want to talk about Dominion Voting Systems,” Mr Litt told the anchor, “because if you do, Nesmax could get sued and lose billions of dollars because these are lies.”

The former speechwriter’s shaming of Newsmax follows a recent apology by the television network for falsely alleging election fraud via Dominion’s voting machines — as falsely claimed by Mr Trump and allies, who are regulars on the network.

Twitter users applauded Mr Litt for accusing Newsmax of lying about the 2020 election, with activist Fred Guttenberg writing: “David Litt, you are my hero. This is how you handle the BS on Newsmax”.

Another, lawyer and author Qasim Rashid, added: “This, my friends, is how you message & demand accountability. Well done David Litt”.

Mr Litt fold The Wrap: “I was surprised they invited me on — clearly they hadn’t Googled me.”

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