Fans have praised Sean Longstaff for his goal against Watford yesterday and welcomed his apparent return to form.

Longstaff became a Newcastle United favourite after making his debut in 2018, but more recently some felt the 23-year-old had gone into reverse.

So far this season, however, he has been in excellent form, capped off with a goal in Newcastle’s 1-1 draw against Watford at Vicarage Road yesterday.

Speaking after the game Longstaff described the Newcastle fans as the best in the country and added: “Hopefully they can see the positives in the game.”

Certainly there was plenty of praise for Longstaff and his goal, though the praise was tempered by Newcastle failing to seal the win.

On Twitter, @rocknrolljim, wrote: “Great goal, what a strike, should have won the game.”

There was also criticism of Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster for Longstaff's strike, with some feeling he should have been able to keep it out.

Darren Watts said: “Good strike but if that had been against us I would be disappointed in the keeper!”

Jonny Ball agreed: “Poor goalkeeping.”

As did Michael Lanchester: “Awful goalkeeping.”

Taking a longer-term view, there was plenty of positivity about Longstaff’s return to form.

Deana Hoggat wrote: "Is Sean Longstaff showing signs that he’s on his way back? Hope so.”

On Twitter, @MagReport1892 wrote: “Sean Longstaff is looking more like the player we saw in the latter half of 18/19… long may it continue.”

Colm Rose agreed: “One massive positive for us is Sean Longstaff looking like the player he was in 2019 when he broke into the first team.”

As did Alan Coleman: “He's looking much better for me. Looks more fit. Last season he was moving like a 40-year-old.”

While Andrew Maitland felt that perhaps Longstaff’s drop in form was not wholly his fault: “An absolute cracking footballer, under-used and sometimes woefully neglected.”

Those fans who regard Longstaff so highly may now have another problem to worry about though - with his contract not having long to run, he will be able to start talking to other clubs in a few months.