A premature baby less than a month old is being tested for coronavirus after his doctor contracted the killer bug.

Tiny Oliver Tyson, who is just 28 days old, is being kept in isolation as his family awaits the crucial results.

They fear that because he was born early, his lungs haven't had the chance to develop as much as they should.

His mum Michelle Chilton told 9News that she was called after learning Oliver's doctor had tested positive for coronavirus in Perth, Australia.

She said it had been a "rollercoaster".

Michelle said: "We got the call to say that Oliver's doctor had tested positive, so we've all been closed in isolation."

And she told Daily Mail Australia : "They have told us nothing about the doctor or how likely it is he infected Oliver.

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The 28-day-year old had been treated in hospital

"The lack of information has been the hardest part."

He had been taken to Perth Children's Hospital on March 21, where he is believed to have been treated by a medic who was unknowingly carrying the virus.

The infant is thought to have been treated by a medic who was carrying the virus
The premature infant was treated at Perth Children's Hospital

The healthcare worker treated patients at the hospital for eight day before they started showing symptoms.

Mum Michelle Chilton has spoken about her anxiety

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Coronavirus outbreak

Several other parents are now waiting to find out if they or their children have Covid-19.

Michelle said: "If everybody did the right thing and what they were asked to do, then hopefully we can stop it or slow it down."

The number of confirmed cases in Australia stands at 4,862, with 21 deaths.