A newborn baby was taken from his mother after she failed a drug test because of a poppy seed bagel.

Rebecca Hernandez gave birth to her son last Tuesday in Huntsville, Alabama – but four hours later, her child was taken by state workers.

Alabama Department of Human Resources officials took Hernandez’s baby because her drug test results came out positive for opiates.

Her infant and her 13-month-old sibling were placed with her aunt and uncle under a temporary custody order for four days.

However, the children were returned to their mother on Saturday after it was determined that her drug test was a false-positive caused by a poppy seed bagel she ate one day before delivering her baby.

Hernandez told WAAF the ordeal has been a ‘nightmare’ for her family.



‘A newborn baby has to be close to mom. They have to be with the mom. That’s the most important time in their life to be close to the mom when they’re just born,’ she said.

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Crestwood Medical Center, where Hernandez had her baby, has not said why they administered the drug test, but said they are ‘committed to following the law and regulatory requirements as well as ensuring the health and safety of our patient.’

Yashica Robinson said: ‘Screening tests can have what we call false-positive results where other things can interfere.’

‘You can have a substance that a patient eats, as in this case poppy seeds, that can make the tests test positive for opioids.’

Hernandez said she ‘understand(s) everything is a process,’ but said the hospital’s response seemed premature.

‘They should’ve done some more research before they decided to call DHR,’ she said.

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New tests have shown that Hernandez is clean of drugs and she has since been reunited with her children.

Robinson said she will push for a change in hospital policy after the incident.