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New York grocery store offers 20% discount to Trump supporters prompting boycott threats from furious liberals

A NEW YORK supermarket offering a 20 percent discount to Trump supporters is facing boycotts even after saying he would honor the deal for Biden supporters as well.

Jose Colon, the owner of the Fresh Food Supermarket in the Long Island neighborhood of Oakdale, said he received immediate blowback after announcing the discount on the store's Facebook Wednesday.

Colon posted a graphic reading "Trump supporters get 20% off, mention at the cash register you are a Trump supporter to get discount."

The discount excluded beer, however.

Colon, a native of the Dominican Republic, was shocked to see how many negative comments came from people vowing to boycott his store, with social media users threatening to call local health inspectors.

"We’re supposed to live in a free country," Colon, now a U.S. citizen, said. "This is weird. It's crazy."

Although Colon did not make a similar post for Biden supporters, he did vow to honor the deal for those supporting the former vice president.

"We live in a free country where we support democracy, where we can go both ways, we can support left, right -- whatever you want," Colon said. "I decided to vote and support the best interest, I believe, for this country."

"But at the same time, I meant to post, to do the 20%, also for Biden," he said.

One such user commented the post was a "way to alienate customers."

The user continued: "I will make sure friends out that way don’t shop in your store. When you support Trump that tells us that you don’t care about what he has done to this country and how he has hurt the environment and taken away the rights of so many, including women, LGBTQ, other minorities, and immigrants."

However when asked about the comment, Colon became upset.

"I’m an immigrant as well," Colon said. "I came here to this country legally, and I’ve been working hard since day one."

Colon also defended his original post, saying he believed Trump had done a good job with the economy prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, and believed Trump would help rebound it back.

"I made my comments, I made my point, I think I gotta live with it,” Colon said, saying he was still going to vote for Trump. "If this is gonna cause me losing my store, I’ll run it until Election Day. I’ll run it until the last day."

Another post Colon shared earlier this year was offering free meals to health care workers, first responders, teachers, and senior citizens.

"Nobody shared those posts, nobody put a nice comment on those posts," Colon said.

However, one comment joked a "a massive rush" of Biden health care workers would "be a big problem for y'all."

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