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New York Gov. Cuomo says he’s NOT running for president and wants to unite to win coronavirus ‘war’

New York Governor Cuomo denied he was running for president and said the US must unite "red, white, and blue" to defeat the coronavirus.

But Cuomo said he refused to be drawn into politics during a press briefing at the newly converted Jacob Javits Center in New York on Monday afternoon.

“I am not engaging the president in politics, my only goal is to engage the president in partnership,” Cuomo said.

“I have never been running for president, and I’m not running for president now.”

He said to engage in political fighting at this time would be "un-American."

"It’s red white and blue," Cuomo told reporters. "This virus doesn’t discriminate: it attacks everyone.

"The President said this is a war. I agree with that. It is a war.

But Cuomo said he wasn't "afraid to tangle" with Trump, who had accused him of being the presidential competition today.

“I wouldn’t mind running against Andrew," Trump said during his “Fox & Friends” interview on Monday.

"I have known Andrew for a long time. I wouldn’t mind that. But I’ll be honest, I think he’d be a better candidate than Sleepy Joe."

However, the president took credit for Cuomo's response to the outbreak in the Empire State, saying the Feds made Cuomo a success.

Trump said: “One of the reasons his numbers are high on handling it is because of the federal government, because we give them ships and we give them ventilators and we give them all of the things that we’re giving them.

“One of the reasons he’s successful is because we’ve helped make him successful.”

Trump also called out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during his Fox appearance after she claimed “his denial at the beginning [of the pandemic] was deadly” on CNN yesterday.

“She’s a sick puppy in my opinion. She’s got a lot of problems," Trump said, citing his decision to cut off travel to China, where the disease originated in a Wuhan meat market.

“All she did was focus on impeachment. She didn’t focus on anything having to do with pandemics,” the president said. “And she lost and she looked like a fool.”

On National Doctors' Day, Cuomo also announced the public and private hospital system in NY would be sharing staff and resources as facilities like Elmhurst Hospital in Queens rapidly became overwhelmed.

Despite his earlier criticism of Trump, Cuomo thanked the US Navy, the US Army and the president for making the ship's arrival possible this morning.

"I want to thank the President of the United States, President Trump, who mobilized this effort and he did with all rapid speed," said Cuomo, after thanking the Navy and the US army.

"This will be 1,000 beds for New York hospitals. It won't treat COVID-19 patients but it will be a relief valve for hospitals that are struggling now, that are over capacity all across the City."

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