London's Ultra Low Emission Zone has grown 18 times to encompass everything as far as the crucial arteries of London's north and south circulars in a bid to tackle the city's pollution.

Even a short trip into the new controlled area will now cost drivers the minimum requirements of a £12.50 daily charge.

Failing to pay the charge after entering the zone, which was expanded on October 25, will see the rate owed increase to £160.

The new rules also apply to residents who live inside the ULEZ, however cars parked inside the zone that aren't being driven won't be charged.

Meaning that residents whose cars don't meet the requirements will only have to pay on the days they actually drive their car.

Lorries, busses mini-busses and vans over 3.5 tonnes will be exempt from the charge.

ULEZ zone map

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What is the ULEZ zone?

The Ultra Low Emission Zone aims to combat toxic air pollution, which TfL reports as "the biggest environmental risk to Londoner's health", and is believed to contribute to heart and lung disease.

Currently many areas of the city exceed the legal limit for the amount of pollution in the air.

A cyclist covers their face whilst riding through Charing Cross (



The aim of the ULEZ is to reduce Nitrogen Dioxide levels in the air by 30%, with TfL pledging all money earned through the scheme will be reinvested into the city's transport network. This investment will include the provision and upkeep of cycle lanes, the tube, and busses.

However, despite the significant expansion of the scheme, campaigners are claiming it doesn't go far enough to tackle air pollution in the city.

ULEZ postcode checker

Thankfully, Transport for London have produced a handy postcode checker that will allow user to find out if their home or destination falls within the designated zone.

By following this link, you can begin to get a feel for how the new expanded zone limits are likely to impact your life.

London residents who find their postcode outside of the zone will only be charged for trips into the controlled area.

For more information on paying the ULEZ charge, follow this link.

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