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New slimming consultant given baptism of fire during Covid

Lynne Hunt finished her Team Developer training at the 'Sparkly Castle' that is Slimming World’s Head office in Derby on March 8, 2020.

She drove home to Wirral, excited to meet her new team of consultants she'd be supporting to help their members and themselves achieve their dreams – it was going to be brilliant, she thought.

Just two weeks later, the entire country went into its first COVID-19 lockdown and everything changed for Lynne, a consultant and Team Developer with Slimming World, as she found herself coping with not being able to run her own groups in real life and guiding her team through a period of immense upheaval.

Lynne before her weightloss

Lynne before her weightloss

“I think I could have been forgiven if I’d decided to just hide my head under a pillow and not come out for a week!” said Lynne, 50.

“However, the support and reassurance from my District Manager and Slimming World was immense. Within a week, we knew we’d be running groups virtually and could still offer the support I knew our members needed even more as their lives were turned upside down.

“The flexibility of the consultant role and running my own business from home had already meant I could give a home to a gorgeous little rescue dog.

"Lola loves nothing more than sitting on my lap and became a feature of our group Zoom sessions. The minute she heard me talking, she knew there were people she absolutely had to meet – it’s amazing how much virtual happiness a friendly little fur ball can spread when she appears on camera!

Lola the dog has become a feature of Lynnes Slimming World Zoom calls

Lola the dog has become a feature of Lynne's Slimming World Zoom calls

“I knew how much that support and friendship was needed because I’m a Slimming Word member myself – my 1½ stone certificate achieved during lockdown is proudly stuck to my office door!"

Lynne said she went from being ‘the quiet one’ who always sat at the back of the group, to gaining confidence with each weight loss as she found out more about herself as a slimmer, until her consultant Paula spoke to her group about becoming a self employed Slimming World Consultant.

Lynne's first thought wasn’t "I can’t", but "why not find out more?"

She knew she wasn’t happy in the job she was doing and if being a member had given her the confidence to step outside her comfort zone, then maybe she could become a consultant.”

Lynne said: “Following my successful interview, I headed to the Sparkly Castle to be trained in every aspect of my new role - how to promote my group, the science behind behaviour change and the 50 years’ experience in the psychology of weight loss that Slimming World has, to help my members reach their goals. Everything I thought I couldn’t do – they showed me how.

Lynne says she has become far more confident since she got involved with Slimming World

Lynne says she has become far more confident since she got involved with Slimming World

“Being a consultant gives so much back - helping people get that same feeling I had when I stepped on the scales and saw myself drop under that first stone – and the next!

"But it’s about so much more than the scales. I needed every single bit of support my consultant gave me, and now I’m using that, along with my training, to help my members make their own breakthroughs and discover what’s been holding them back from their dream weight.

“Since taking on the role of Team Developer in Wirral, I’ve had the deep satisfaction of working alongside a brilliant group of consultants and I couldn’t be prouder of them as they’ve helped their members and each other through one of the most difficult times of their lives. They truly are amazing.”

For more information regarding vacancies in the local area contact Lynne on 07746 870 590.

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