A brand new farm essentials store, www.allagri.co.uk has been unveiled to give farmers a break from the stresses of staying on top of farm requirements. 

As part of Elta Group, All Agri brings together top class products and farming expertise from industry-leading brands such as Hydor, Bowden & Knights, Animal Aids and FarmTech Services.

Featuring on the website will be easy-to-navigate product categories covering areas such as consumables, pest control, ventilation and animal health. 

The website will include 250+ products for poultry farms as endorsed by the existing companies, with expansion plans coming over the coming months to incorporate pig, dairy, equine and many other markets.

Looking out for British farmers 

With 2020 presenting some of the toughest challenges yet for British farming, All Agri puts farmers first by proactively supporting the industry’s mental well-being.

Tom Bell, Elta Group’s Agriculture Product Manager, says: “2020 has accelerated everyone’s dependency on the connected world. Farms need to be prepared more than ever as being unable to get hold of the essentials could lead to serious issues.”

To reduce the uncertainty of being unable to get the products that farmers need, All Agri will offer next day delivery so farmers can get what they need instantly and minimise any disruptions. 

As a launch celebration, All Agri is offering a 10% discount code for all new customers when using the discount code FARMWEEKLY10 until November 30th. 

To shop the full range of farming supplies and save 10% today, visit allagri.co.uk.

Why All Agri?