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New mum Millie Radford breezes through first week of parenting claiming ‘all Ophelia does is sleep’

MILLIE Radford has breezed through her first week of motherhood, claiming all her newborn “does is sleep.”

The 18-year-old, who is part of Britain’s biggest family, gave birth to her firstborn Ophelia last week, and doesn’t appear to be struggling with parenthood whatsoever.

The teen, from Morecambe, Lancs, revealed that easy Ophelia had not been disrupting her sleep schedule as she took her for her newborn photoshoot at Jade Davies Newborn Studio.

Speaking on the family YouTube channel she told the photographer, “All she does is sleep.”

Grandma Sue, 45, also revealed that Ophelia had been “wide awake as soon as she came out, her eyes were open with fists up by her face.”

Sue and her daughter Millie visited the studio for Ophelia’s first photoshoot, with the photographer pointing out how much the newborn looked like her aunt Hallie, 5.

Millie admitted that she had been really looking forward to the shoot adding, “it’s all I’ve been thinking about.”

Earlier this year, mum-of-22 Sue took her youngest daughter Heidie - who was born months before Ophelia - to the same studio for her baby photoshoot.

Millie, 19, welcomed her daughter on September 10 at 7.05pm, weighing 7lbs and 12oz.

The tot’s full name is Ophelia Jo Radford, and the teen announced her arrival with an adorable snap on her Instagram page.

Sue, 45, uploaded a video to YouTube capturing the hours after Ophelia’s birth, as she revealed Millie had a traumatic labour. 

The mum-of-22 said: “Millie managed on gas and air. She came in at six centimeters, and you did brilliantly didn’t you.

“I can’t believe you came in at six centimetres, and she was born five hours later.” 

Millie added that Ophelia came out ‘kickboxing’, with both her fists by the side of her face. 

Sue noted it “was not a good position for her to come out”, while Millie added: “I think that’s why it took so long.”

Earlier this week, proud grandma Sue shared a touching pic of "three generations" of Britain's biggest family - as she cuddled her baby daughter and granddaughter in the same snap.

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