A new mum was left 'shaken' and 'scared' by a cruel TikTok challenge on her doorstep.

Police across the UK are investigating the new TikTok trend called 'heartbeat challenge'.

The challenge involves playing loud music outside a house before kicking the front door in time to the beat.

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Police are investigating a spate of incidents as teens boot doors to the sound of tunes before running away.

Some youngsters have even been destroying unsuspecting strangers' doors as part of the challenge.

The prank is videoed and uploaded to the social media site TikTok where the craze is dubbed the 'heartbeat challenge'.

In Hemel Hempstead, an elderly person’s front door was damaged, leaving them terrified and having to foot a costly repair bill.

Another incident police responded to involved a door being kicked open and left insecure when the resident was out, leaving the property vulnerable to burglary.

The local force has stepped up neighbourhood patrols in the area in an attempt to "draw a line under it" and says it wants to prosecute those who carried out the criminal acts.

PCSO Sarah Rex from Herefordshire Police said: "It’s not just a bit of fun – it is frightening, anti-social and, in some cases, illegal.

We will be investigating each report and looking to identify those involved before taking appropriate action.

TikTok users kick the front door in time to the beat
TikTok users kick the front door in time to the beat

"We want our young people to enjoy their half-term break, but their actions should not be at the expense of innocent members of the public.

"We are working with local secondary schools to share this message but given that it is currently half term, I would urge parents and carers to have a direct conversation with their children and make them consider the victims of their behaviour.

“Please ask them how they would feel if it was their Nan or Grandad who had been targeted.

In Dorset, Bournemouth residents have fallen victim to the so-called prank.

A new mother was reportedly left shaken after vandals attempted to boot her door, leaving a muddy footprint and causing damage.

Leigh-Anne Dady, resident of Throop and Muscliff said: "We have a newborn so I think it just scared us a little, to be honest.

"We were actually in the kitchen right by the door when it happened, but with the blinds drawn. We didn’t hear any music or anything, but the neighbours thought they heard a group of people outside the house."

Houses in Wiltshire have also been targeted, including a home in Devizes.

A local mother posted on Facebook: “Last night at around 10.50 pm someone tried to kick my front door down, this has sent me into a really bad state of anxiety.

“My children were sleeping and my first instinct was to check on them.

“This has worried me greatly that someone could do this and I have taken today off work due to how nervous this has made me.

"My children are also off school today due to being awake through the night."

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: “We would like to remind everyone to be aware of the concern and distress that this type of anti-social behaviour could cause.

“What might seem to be a bit of fun to one person, could in fact leave someone else, particularly someone who is elderly or vulnerable, feeling very frightened.

“We would also urge parents to speak to their children if they believe this might be something they could be involved with, and ensure they understand the potential consequences of their actions.”

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