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New lockdown rules: What you can and can’t do explained

BORIS Johnson has announced we will soon be able to meet up to six people at a time, as long as we're outdoors and maintain social distancing - but what other rules have been tweaked?

Here's everything you can, and can't do explained.

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What can I do?

Friends and family

In England, from Monday, June 1 you can meet up to six people at a time - as long as you're 2 metres apart and outside.

This includes in parks and private gardens.

You can walk through someone's house to get to their garden - but don't spend prolonged periods of time inside.

You can use the loo - but be sure to wash your hands and wipe down any surfaces you have used.


On June 1 reception, years one and six will also head back to school.

Frome June 15, secondary school teachers will be able to have face-to-face contact with Year 10 and 12 pupils who have exams next year.


If you can work from home, then you should do so.

But if you can't work from home - for instance if you work in a factory, then it's fine to go into work - as long as social distancing is maintained, says No 10.

It's important to communicate with your employer and understand what new measures will be in place to keep you safe.

If you need to work in someone else's home, for instance if you're a plumber or a childminder, it's also fine for you to return.

You must follow hygiene and social distancing rules.

Work should not be carried out in the home of someone who is shielding.

You should also try to avoid taking public transport to work if possible - the best thing to do is cycle or walk if you can.


All non-essential shops can open again from June 15 - as long as social distancing measures are in place.

From June 1, outdoor markets and car showrooms can open too.

Garden centres and some DIY shops as well as supermarkets and chemists have remained open throughout lockdown or have already opened.

Outside exersise

There were no rule changes to the amount of outside exercise you can do - you're allowed out for unlimited walks, runs and workouts daily.

What can't I do?


You still can't get your haircut, unfortunately.

There aren't any dates for when salons are set to reopen - but Health Secretary Matt Hancock has sparked hopes weird lockdown haircuts could be sorted soon, by saying the idea of reopening hairdressers wasn't "insurmountable".


There are still no plans to reopen gyms yet, although Brits are allowed unlimited outside exercise.

Experts have suggested the benefits of exercise outweigh the risk, and say gyms should reopen.


The Foreign Office's advice is still to refrain from all but essential travel - including in and out of the UK.

A 14-day quarantine period for people arriving into the UK is set to be implemented "as soon as possible," according to the Government.

Several resorts across Europe, including in Greece and Spain have reopened - but Brits are banned from visiting from a period of time. 

The Sun's travel editor, Lisa Minot, also answered FAQs about summer hols.

You also should not travel from England to Wales or Scotland for a holiday.


Unfortunately there are still no solid plans for pubs to reopen.

However there have been talks between pub bosses and No 10 which suggest they could reopen their doors in July.

The same goes for restaurants - although the majority of eateries have remained open for takeaway during lockdown or have already opened.

Why are the rules different in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

Leaders of the devolved nations are handling lockdown slightly differently to the PM, although all four governments have stressed the lockdown across the UK will be lifted together.

For instance, in Scotland, groups of up to eight pals can meet from Monday - but social distancing and hygeine measures must be observed.

In Wales the rules don't give a number - but say from Monday two different households can meet.

In Northern Ireland, socially distanced meet ups are allowed in groups of four to six.

The Welsh governement have also made it clear schools won't be returning on June 1.

In Wales you shouldn't go to the beach, whereas in Eng;and this is allowed.

And in Northern Ireland, schools are hoping for a phased return in September.

First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford explains why coronavirus lockdown rules there are stricter than in England

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