Plans have been unveiled for a new housing estate on land between a golf club and and a woodland park.

Developers LEO Prestwich Ltd have submitted plans for eight new homes on a vacant plot on Butterstile Close, Prestwich.

The land, between Drinkwater Park and Prestwich Golf Club, described in planning documents as ‘overgrown and unkempt’ is currently vacant, following the demolition of a dilapidated bungalow in 2018.

A design and access statement, published by Bury Council this week, said: “The proposed development consists of six terraced houses and two detached houses.

Plans for a similar development have been approved before but have now time-lapsed

“Each dwelling is over three storeys and has three bedrooms.

“The new site layout proposes a single site access.

“It lies on the western border of the residential area of Prestwich, between Drinkwater Park and Prestwich Golf Club, only 0.3 miles away from the River Irwell.

“It is bounded by Hilton Lane, Butterstile Lane and Butterstile Close.”

The plot is currently surrounded by a temporary wooden hoarding on Butterstile Close and Butterstile Lane and by a stone wall on Hilton Lane.

The applicant said ‘a few low-grade trees’ line a section of the boundary adjacent to Hilton Lane and another group bordering the boundary with Rainsough Garage to the north-east.

The site has previously held permission for eight homes under two separate planning approvals but both those permissions have since expired with nothing built.

The plot as it stands now

The planning statement, concludes: The proposals submitted, are the result of a design process that has developed collaboratively with the applicant and wider design team.

“The scale and massing is considered to be in proportion to plot size, while considering its immediate context and, we feel, the scheme appearance positively contributes to improve the character of the area.

“In summary, we consider that the proposal submitted represents a contextually appropriate and policy compliant scheme, which should be approved without delay.”

Planners at Bury Council will condider the plans in the next few weeks.