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New Facebook privacy tool lets you hide all your old embarrassing photos – here’s how to do it

The Sun


WE'VE all got photos on Facebook that we'd rather our friends, parents, would-be employers or potential love interests didn't see.

The social network has been active for 16 years now - which means that for early adopters, there'll be a lot of wince-inducing memories stored away.

But now a new privacy tool has been unveiled - and it means it'll make it easier to hide the information you'd rather others didn't see.

Manage Activity allows Facebook users to archive posts they don't want friends to see any more, but that they still want to have access to.

The tool allows users to filter posts by person and date range.

It means, for example, that photos from an old relationship you'd rather not have popping up all the time  - or drunk pictures from university you don't want your mum to see - can be taken off your timeline.

Officials at Facebook say: "We believe people should have the ability to manage and control their data, and we will continue to develop new ways to honour people’s privacy by providing greater transparency and controls.”

Interested? Here's how it's done:

It’s already possible to do this on Instagram.

The 'archive' feature in the app can be accessed via your profile.

The tool also allows people to find old Instagram Stories.

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