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New barrier to address issues at car park

Colr. Cusack at the barriers.
Colr. Cusack at the barriers.

SDLP Foyleside Councillor Shauna Cusack yesterday expressed her relief that the barriers she has been lobbying Home Bargain’s central management to instal are now underway.

Welcoming the move, Colr. Cusack said: “I am delighted that promises made by senior management to seriously address the issue of car related anti social-behaviour in the car park have now been addressed. I want to thank the regional manager who effectively helped make the case on behalf of myself and the residents when the anti-social behaviour problems returned after a decision to remove previous barriers earlier in the year.

“I know this will come as very welcome news to the residents who will be able to now enjoy peace in their homes and their children will be able to sleep through the night without fear.

“It is regrettable that this action had to be taken and unfortunately we know that the issue may move elsewhere, we will however address that if and when needed.”

Colr. Cusack added: “Meanwhile I want to thank the residents for their patience, Regional Manager for his support and would appeal to those who made this action necessary to please consider the effect their behaviour has on the community.”