With those startling violet eyes and stunning looks, Elizabeth Taylor oozed old-style glamour and was the definition of a true Hollywood superstar.

She was never far from a camera lens and thousands of pictures were taken of her.

But here she is, amazingly, as you’ve never seen her before.

London-born Liz, who would win two Oscars, was a child of the studio system who made her debut at 10 in the golden era of Hollywood.

Liz would become as famous for her colourful love life as she was for her 47 films. She wed eight times, twice to actor Richard Burton.

Elizabeth Taylor and husband Richard Burton at the bar of the George V hotel in Paris, 1965 (


Douglas Kirkland / Iconic Images)
Liz on the set of 'Boom!' in Sardinia (


Gered Mankowitz / Iconic Images)

Now, in Forever Elizabeth, publishers Iconic Images and ACC Art Books are presenting previously unseen work by eight top photographers lucky enough to capture the star at different moments of her life.

Their photos capture this screen legend on film sets, at fashion shoots and behind-the-scenes.

And as these sensational shots show, the lure of Liz was hard to resist.

Liz with her 16-month-old son, Michael Wilding Jr. (


Milton H. Greene / Iconic Images)
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