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Netflix’s The Letter for the King drops epic first trailer with magic and warfare to rival Game of Thrones

NETFLIX has dropped the epic first trailer for The Letter for the King - with magic and warfare to rival Game of Thrones.

The new series is based on the bestselling 1962 novel by Tonke Dragt and follows Tiuri (Amir Wilson), a young knight in training who is tasked with getting a secret letter to the king.

The quest is far from straightforward, and Tiuri and his companions find themselves in danger on a number of occasions thanks to the evil forces of a twisted prince.

Tiuri is told: "The future of the entire kingdom depends on you."

But the prince will do whatever it takes to stop him succeeding in his mission, telling his henchmen: "You will find this boy and crush anyone that lies in your way."

And Tiuri certainly finds himself in a number of sticky situations, with one villain holding a dagger to his throat and saying: "Tell me where the letter is, and we can end all this unpleasantness."

However, Tiuri soon learns of a prophecy where a hero rises to defeat the prince and save the world, which changes everything.

A monk tells him: "From the moment I saw you, I felt the power in you."

As the young knight-in-training and his pals venture through forests and across mountains, they face all kinds of peril.

But Tiari tells them: "Unless we stop it, people are going to die.

"I don't care who they send, we're going to deliver this letter, or die trying."

The six-part series also stars Ruby Serkis, Thaddea Graham, and Gijs Blom. Ruby's father, actor Andy Serkis, also appears in the trailer in a supporting role.

The show is written by Will Davies and executive-produced by Davies and Paul Trijbits.

The Letter For The King premieres on Netflix on March 20.