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Netflix fans disgusted by haunted house that ‘orgasms and ejaculates’ in twisted horror Girl on the Third Floor


NETFLIX fans have been recoiling in disgust at new horror film Girl on the Third Floor - after the haunted house in it ejaculated.

As one bewildered viewer tweeted: "Never thought I would see a house c**."

The bizarre film tells the tale of a husband who is trying to renovate an old home for him and his wife - only to suffer a string of supernatural events.

The creepy pile in the suburbs of Chicago turns out to be more than a bit haunted, with all manner of bodily fluids seeping from its eerie walls.

Sticky pale fluids are shown seeping from pipes and a shower at the mansion - which was once a brothel - while other parts of the creaking structure bleed when touched.

Even horror fans founds the plot too much, with one asking: "The Girl On The Third Floor... what the hell have I just witnessed?!"

Another tweeted: "We watched The Girl On The Third Floor last night & I just canny stop thinking about how much semen was involved in the film."

A third said: "The Girl On The Third Floor got SO weird SO fast. Why tf is the house oozing c**."

One other cautioned: "DO NOT torture yourself by watching girl on the third floor."

And while some hailed it as a horror film with a sense of humour complete with a house than has orgasms, others branded it "easily the worst movie I’ve seen".

It stars a line-up of virtual unknowns, bar retired wrestler CM Punk as Don, the man trying his hand at a spot of DIY only to face a range of spooky body fluids.

Newbie Trieste Kelly Dunn stars as his wife in the film, which is directed by Travis Stevens.

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