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‘Nervous’ Jeremy Corbyn ‘struggled’ on Question Time as ‘honest’ Boris Johnson showed passion, body language reveals

NERVOUS Jeremy Corbyn struggled on Question Time tonight unlike Boris Johnson who came out on top by appearing honest, a body language expert has revealed.

The "anxious" Labour leader got off to a rocky start when he stayed close to the pod table rather "than coming out to the audience with empathy and charm".

Mr Corbyn faced an onslaught of questions from the audience and was blasted over his “reckless socialist ideas”.

Judi James, a body language expert, told The Sun Online he showed signs of nerves from the start.

The fence-sitting Labour boss had again dodged giving a definite stance on the EU debate.

She also said it was clear he struggled when one audience member grilled him over misogyny.

Judi told The Sun Online: "Under pressure he began to fiddle with his pen and take some large swallows.

"His blink-rate increased and he seemed to struggle with questions like the one about misogyny."

She added that the leftie boss was often "looking angry when he should have been wooing".


While the PM also faced tough questions about the future of the country, Mr Johnson was "charismatic".

Judi said the first question he was asked about being truthful played right into his hands.

Unlike Mr Corbyn, who stayed close to the pod table, the PM came out to the audience with his hands clasped behind back.

At one point he "fist-punched" the air,  showing he was "passionate" in what he was talking about.

Judi said those gestures gave the impression he was "mischievous and hugely accessible" and entered into "some passionate displays that involved him bending at the knee to make his points and convince".

She added: "At one point he claimed to be so honest about his point that he flung his arms into the air, and his fixed eye contact and confiding tone seemed all aimed at getting that impression across.

"By the end though the celebrity charisma appeared to have won the evening though and he exited to even louder cheers than he arrived to."



Statesman-like Boris Johnson applauded host Fiona Bruce after she berated audience members who were shouting and interrupting.

The Prime Minister led the applause and said: “I’m backing Fiona!”


Jo Swinson still claims she could be PM despite the polls. She said: “Strange things can happen in politics.

"I didn’t predict Donald Trump was going to become President, I didn’t think Jeremy Corbyn was going to be leader of the Labour Party.”


One audience member said he refused to be taken in by Jeremy Corbyn’s comfy- looking image.

He told him: “I don’t buy this nice old grandpa… I see that video and that tells me all I need to know and that terrifies me for my daughters.”


An audience member said: “Mr Corbyn, I don’t think it is businesses that should be scared, I think it’s everyone.

"Your reckless socialist ideas terrify me, my family and friends, and freedom will completely erode if we let you have keys to No 10.”


When the PM roared: “We are a very ambitious One Nation Conservative government.

"We have amazing plans for this country — investing in education, investing in health — and we need to get on with it, and we need to get Brexit done to do it.”


When Corbyn backed booted-out “corrupt” Leftie leader of Bolivia.

He said: “I met Evo Morales in Mexico last year.

"I had a long conversation with him about his country, economic development and the number of people taken out of poverty.”

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