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Nepal facing major Covid crisis as cases soar leaving hospitals running out of oxygen & beds in scenes similar to India

NEPAL is facing a major Covid crisis with hospitals running out of oxygen and bed in scenes similar to India.

Cases have soared - with 8,287 recorded yesterday compared to 337 on the same day last month.

The International Federation of the Red Cross are worried that thousands of cases are yet to be diagnosed and have warned of mass deaths if the virus continues to sweep the country.

 Dr. Jyotindra Sharma, chief of Hospital for Advanced Medicine & Surgery in Kathmandu, said: “Right now there are no beds available in any hospital that is treating COVID patients.

“Even if any beds were made available, there is a huge scarcity of oxygen and we are not at the peak of this crisis.”

“In the extreme situation, people could be dying in the streets.”

He added that it's 'just not possible to immediately increase the capacity of the hospitals.'

Nepal officials last month imposed a lockdown, and this week domestic and international flights were halted.

Now experts fear that Nepal could face an emergency on a worse scale than that currently facing its neighbour India.

Nepal Red Cross Chairperson, Dr Netra Prasad Timsina, said: “What is happening in India right now is a horrifying preview of Nepal's future if we cannot contain this latest COVID surge that is claiming more lives by the minute.

“Every effort is being made to save lives right now across Nepal with increased medical treatment.

“Nepal Red Cross volunteer health teams are also reducing record infections by helping with testing, vaccinations, handwashing, mask-wearing and isolating infected people.

“It is beyond distressing to see that people cannot say goodbye to their loved ones as cremations are taking place at record levels due to these new COVID variants, which are striking down people of all ages in Nepal.”

India is suffering from the world's worst second wave of Covid and even though it shows no sign of slowing, there are fears a third wave is due to hit.

The country's top medical advisor has warned people to brace for a repeat of devastating scenes, with the crisis already overwhelming hospitals and crematoriums - where bodies are being burned en masse.

It comes after it was warned Covid mutant variants spawning from out of control outbreaks like in India and Brazil mean "no one is safe" unless vaccine rollouts are widened.

The People's Vaccine Alliance (PVA) - a global coalition of 50 organizations - told The Sun Online about the critical danger the new strains pose if more support isn't given to help vaccinate people worldwide.

It warned under current estimations many developing countries will not hit the necessary levels of vaccination to end the pandemic until 2024.

With a connected world, any new outbreaks or variants could spread to countries which have already vaccinated - and the new mutations may be able to dodge the antibodies given by the jabs.

New Delhi crematorium overwhelmed as total COVID infections come close to 20 million in India

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