Marvin Bartley has revealed the topless team talk from Neil Lennon that had Hibs "ready for war" against their Edinburgh rivals Hearts.

The former Celtic boss had a good record in derbies during his time at Easter Road and his midfield enforcer from those days detailed a stunning pre-match sermon.

Lennon demanded his charges remove their shirts as he attempted to get inside the heads of the eleven warriors set to take part in the blood and thunder battle of Edinburgh's finest.

He told Open Goal : “There was a time before we played Hearts. It was five minutes before kick-off and he tells us all to take our shirts off.

“He tells us to turn our shirts around so we’re facing the badge. And he says look at that badge and know what that means to the people out there. Go and win the game for them. And if you can’t win the game for them, win the game for your family.

“Then he tells us to turn our shirts over, so mine will say Bartley, and he says and there’s your family name. Every time you’re feeling tired, think about your family at home watching you.

“And then he says if that’s not enough, go to the mirror and win it for the person looking back at you.

“They could have had as many players as they wanted that day, we were ready for war.”