Sneaky sunbathers scaled their neighbour's garden wall to soak up the rays while she worked.

The suspicious home owner installed a camera underneath her guttering to survey the whole garden after noticing furniture had been moved.

After returning home from a shift and spotting cigarette butts on the floor she reviewed the footage.

It turns out her neighbours had been making the most of the weather, climbing into her garden from their block of flats and using her tables and chairs from 2pm until 8pm.

Left fuming she took to popular forum Mumsnet to ask for advice on how to deal with the awkward situation.

The neighbours had been taking advantage of the warmer weather to sunbathe after scaling the garden wall (


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She told fellow users the unwelcome guests would have been able to easily notice when she'd left for work by keeping tabs on the number of cars on her driveway.

Once she'd left for the late shift they bypassed the locked back gate and enjoyed free reign for several hours.

"To say I’m annoyed is an understatement," she wrote, adding: "But how do I confront them as they aren’t the friendliest of people at the best of times?

The woman took to Mumsnet to ask for advice (


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"I just don’t know how to approach this as I’m a single woman and just concerned it’ll escalate but I can’t allow this - what would you all do?"

She revealed they were still oblivious to the camera and contemplated pushing a note through the door.

One outraged user quipped: "Is there space for a moat? If not can you monitor the camera remotely and call the police when neighbours arrive?”

Another suggested using a Poundland-style cardboard cut out of a police officer to deter the cheeky sun worshippers.

While one suggested laying a trap, driving five minutes out of site before remotely monitoring the situation and dialling 999 as soon as she spotted them scrambling onto her property.