Wannabe cops got the boot when they swapped lines of duty for cocaine – and a host of other drugs.

Fifty-nine who applied to join last year were axed when tests showed they were users.

Some had snorted coke, popped ecstasy pills and even got high on methamphetamine – made famous in Breaking Bad.

They were caught out in 6,563 tests carried out on people who wanted to become PCs.

More than half of the drug failures – 33 – applied to join a single force, West Midlands, Its hopefuls had traces of opiates plus cocaine and meth.

Nearly 60 would-be coppers didn't make it due to drugs in system
Nearly 60 would-be coppers didn't make it due to drugs in their system

Figures from forces also reveal almost 1,000 random drug tests were carried out last year on serving officers – and not one failed. In total 28 of the 44 forces in England and Wales responded to our survey.

It means the figures are the tip of the iceberg as some of the biggest forces, such as London’s Met, West Yorkshire and Northumbria, did not respond.

Great Manchester Chief Constable Stephen Watson, of the National Police Chiefs Council, said: “Every officer must pass a mandatory drug test when they join. All forces undertake intelligence-led drug testing as part of their local policies.

“Any recruit or officer who fails these tests will be subject to appropriate sanctions. Where necessary the Crown Prosecution Service are consulted.”