Hundreds of used needles were found on the streets of a Welsh city in a single day.

Nearly 250 needles were picked up in Newport by by volunteers from local litter group Pride in Pill on Saturday, October 23.

Leader of Pride in Pill Paul Murphy said the group began the clear-up on Saturday morning after receiving a call from a concerned resident the day before.

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"We cleared away over 50 needles there."

The group said its box used to collect syringes was filled up within a single day

Mr Murphy said that over the course of the day the group cleared 45 discarded needles and syringes at the town bridge, as well as another 55 at the old Sainsbury's site on Wyndham Street and 85 more at the footbridge by the former Royal Mail depot on Mill Street.

He said the huge number was the most they'd come across in the last 12 months and that their box used to safely collect and hand in used needles was filled to the very top by Saturday evening.

Mr Murphy said it was the most needles he'd seen in the last year

"Our sharp box was filled right up in the space of a day. We are working and are just volunteers relying on the public to let us know if they spot things."

Mr Murphy said the amount of needles being dumped was "dangerous", especially when it was being done in areas near housing estates with young families and children.

"You've got kids who are coming home from school and going out playing, who could pick them up.

"All our volunteers have the required training and appropriate protection to handle and dispose of drug litter. If you find any, rather than exposing yourself to risk, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help."

Newport City Council was contacted for comment.

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