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Navy seaman lifts the cooking pot lid on appalling food being served up on some of America’s most powerful warships

A SAILOR who served in the US Navy has sought to expose the “unacceptable” quality of food served on board, by sharing images of half-raw meats, rotten eggs and bread and bugs on salad, among other items. 

In his Facebook post from Oct. 3, Kevin Selfaison included more than two dozen photographs and videos and wrote, “If you ever wonder what food is like on a US Navy ship. Here it is.”

There is a tray with pink-colored meat that Selfaison describes as “raw roast beef” and points out, “look at the blood splatter.” 

Salmon, chicken and what appears to be pork are cut in the middle to show the “raw” insides. 

An egg bake is “grey” and has “a horribly cooked hard boiled egg on the right and a little bit of egg shell mixed in on the left,” according to Selfaison. 

Another photo shows a patch of mold growing on the side of stack of pita bread. 

Corn dogs burnt at the ends are “somehow still cold in the middle,” Selfaison writes and adds a teary-eyed laughing emoji.

Bugs appear on lettuce leaves and other images show “the driest chicken wings you’ll ever see,” “dry corned beef with a side of unseasoned plain chicken breast,” and “pizza” with toppings and only “a splash of cheese,” he adds.

Selfaison also shared a video of himself bouncing a piece of ham off the table, appearing to show its rubber quality. 

In another video, Selfaison explains that his friend is “wringing out his morning omelette,” as water drips down. 

Other clips are captioned as “Dr. Seuss ham and cheese sandwich,” because it appears green, and “country friend boxes,” because the chicken is supposedly hard as cardboard. 

There was one photo of an “average meal”—a sausage with two pieces of toast—that were “not bad, still edible,” Selfaison wrote. 

The photos are of food Selfaison claims he and his colleagues were served while deployed or at sea on the USS Nimitz (CVN 68).

“Food is one of the only things to look forward to when your out there. This was unacceptable for the men and women putting their lives on the line,” he wrote.

“I want to bring awareness to this problem. Someone higher up there needs to see this.”

In a statement provided to The Sun on Thursday night, Naval Air Forces Commander Zach Harrell said the US Navy “cannot confirm the authenticity of the photos posted by Mr. Selfaison.”

Harrell added that the “USS Nimitz is committed to ensuring that quality food is prepared on board for our Sailors, Marines and civilian personnel.”

Furthermore, the “Nimitz was awarded the 2020 Captain Edward F. Ney Memorial Food Service Award for best aircraft carrier food service and our standards for cleanliness, service, and food quality are extremely high,” the commander stated, and “the health and well-being of our crew is a top priority.”

Selfaison served on the USS Nimitz from February 2017 to June 2020 and departed the ship prior to its current deployment, according to Harrell.

Harrell stated that Selfaison “ended his service in the Navy on Oct. 3, 2020”—the date that he posted the unappetizing food photos on Facebook. 

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