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Nancy Grace says Brian Laundrie’s ‘remains would be like soup’ as it’s revealed parents were feet away from finding son


NANCY Grace said Brian Laundrie's remains would've "been like soup" when they were discovered by investigators in a recently flooded stretch of a Florida nature reserve last week.

The skeletal remains of Laundrie, 23, were found in Myakkahatchee Creek Park, in North Port on Wednesday more than five weeks after he vanished on September 13.

While a cause of death and time of death are yet to be determined, Laundrie's remains were found in a very advanced state of decomposition and are believed to have consisted of a partial human skull and a number of "bones."

They were also found in a section of the park that had recently been submerged in floodwaters brought on by hurricanes in the area last month.

Experts told The Sun that even had Brian died on the day he disappeared, that wouldn't be enough time for his remains to fully decompose. One former detective said that mostly likely alligators and other animals had snacked on his corpse.

Speaking on the Dr. Oz show late last week, Nancy Grace said she believes there's a "very good possibility" Brian's remains had been at the park submerged in water for a number of weeks.

"How precisely they got there I don’t know," she said, adding: "If they have been decomposed to the point that you can’t get a DNA comparison. It could be like soup at this point. You don’t get tissue - you can’t make out any part of him.

"However, even if it’s been underwater, you will get dental records and they are unique to only one individual."


Brian's remains were indeed identified by dental records the day after his remains were found.

The discovery of Brian's body came just moments after Laundrie's parents, Chris and Roberta, found a backpack belonging to their son next to a path he was known to trek.

The miraculous uncovering came less than 90 minutes after Chris and Roberta arrived at the park.