A Liverpool nan was in tears as she returned home for the first time after a devastating house fire.

Marina Wynne, 85, lost everything when her home in Croxteth went up in flames in a matter of minutes on Friday, March 19.

The 85-year-old has spent the last six weeks living in a care home after she was unable to return home due to the extensive smoke and fire damage.

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But thanks to the generous donations from people across Merseyside, Marina's son and grandson have managed to completely transform the property in time for her return today.

Marina told the ECHO: "I was in hospital for four weeks and then I was in a care home for six weeks.

"When I walked through the door I couldn't believe it. The house is immaculate.

"I feel a bit shocked at the moment. Everybody has been so nice and helpful."

Marina said she can't thank everyone enough for helping her get back on her feet and she is glad to be back home.

Pictures shared with the ECHO show the full extent of the fire damage inside Marina Wynne's home
Pictures shared with the ECHO show the full extent of the fire damage inside Marina Wynne's home

The fire is believed to have started in March, after Mariana sprayed some air freshener in the living room which ignited with the heat from her gas fire and caused the can to explode.

She was rescued by two neighbours who were driving past at the time and one of them went back inside to get her husband Ted's ashes.

A Go Fund Me page set up by a family friend after the fire to help Marina raised £5,770 in donations.

It was thanks to this money that Marina's daughter-in-law, Suzannah Wynne, said they were able to renovate the house and bring her back home today.

What Marina's kitchen looks like now
What Marina's kitchen looks like now

Suzannah said: "Her face was the best when she came in, she just couldn't believe it. She was gobsmacked.

"She said 'it's not the same as what it was before' because all the memories have gone now, but she's so happy to be back.

"She lost everything in the fire - all the kids' pictures and ornaments she's been collecting for many years.

Marina came home for the first time since the fire today
Marina came home for the first time since the fire today

"The kitchen was nowhere near what she has now. She's got a bedroom downstairs now and we've made it more accessible for her.

"We've painted all the back of the house for her and the garden has been done so she can go out and sit in the garden. We're just waiting for a bench with Ted's name on it to come."

Marina has written a letter to say thank you to everyone who has helped her, from local businesses and workmen to people in the community.

She wrote: "Doreen, Dave, Robbie, Robert Sumpter, Daniel Hughes, Becky, Amy, Amy's aunt Karen and Amy's brother Ben Mass Way sweet shop, Asda staff, Tesco, Stage coach, go fund me donations and Donna for setting it up.

"Thank you all so much for the kindness and generosity I will never forget what you have done for me.

"Also to Maple Furniture, Tile Mountain, Furniture2go, Design and Conquer Interiors, Cosy Beds, Scott and the electrician David and most of all Croxteth Park Care Home who were so kind and caring.

"They treated me like royalty and the most amazing two lads that saved my life getting me out.

"My daughter-in-law Sue who has helped so much with getting my furniture and her friend for setting the go fund me up. Tyson and his friends for doing heating and Frank Bird I would not be back home without you all.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Marie."