People living in one part of Merseyside said they have been dealing with a mystery 'gas' stink "so strong they can taste it".

A resident, who did not want to be named, who lives in St Elizabeth’s Place in Bootle, said on Wednesday, September 22 she noticed the 'gas' smell.

The woman said she has lived in the Bootle area for nearly 19 years, with 11 of those a few streets closer to the docks but had "never smelt such a strong gas smell before."

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The resident said she rang Cadent, a gas emergency service, on the Wednesday for it to be checked out and noticed on a local Facebook group that someone else had called half an hour before.

Speaking to the ECHO, the woman said: "I checked our residents association Facebook group - we have about 200 homes in the group out of about 500 properties.

"Someone had called them half an hour before me. The estate is a Bellway estate, which goes from the canal, around the Mel Inn, across Hawthorne Road and up to the park on Menai Road, behind Bootle Cemetery.

"Many of us smelt the gas, it was so strong that I could taste it.

"The next night, Thursday, going to bed about 10.30pm I smelt it again in my bedroom and it made me feel sick all night.

"Other residents reported smelling it again in the morning too."

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The resident said read on a Facebook group chat that they’d had about 45 calls night about the smell.

A spokesman for gas emergency service Cadent also confirmed that they had received 'lots of calls' from the Bootle area last week.

However, the smell did not seem to disappear over the weekend, with many people commenting on a local Facebook group about the foul stench.

A spokesman for gas emergency service Cadent confirmed that there was a 'definite and strong smell' in the area and they are continuing to investigate what caused it as 'it wasn't natural gas'.

He told the ECHO : "We investigated each one to check for signs of a gas leak and there were none.

"This does happen from time to time around the Bootle and docks areas.

"It is very important that if you ever smell gas, act immediately and call 0800 111 999* (the national gas emergency service).

"Do not assume it’s related to this as it may not be and needs to be checked."