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Mystery as ‘Butt Squad’ model is still being held in Dubai jail after naked photoshoot despite 12 others being released

A MODEL who was part of the Dubai 'Butt Squad' is still being held despite most of the others being released.

Mystery surrounds why Ukrainian model Evgenia Taran, 21, was not freed with ten other women who were deported in disgrace nine days after the notorious nude balcony photoshoot.

The Dubai authorities have not publicly stated why she is still held in a prison and did not fly home last week with the others. 

One more model - named Anastasia - also remains in custody in the United Arab Emirates, in her case after contracting Covid-19.

Both women were in the group of 20-plus models invited on the scandalous trip by playboy organiser Vitaliy Grishin, who reportedly remains in jail in the Gulf state.

But it is not clear if they were among those who posed naked in the notorious balcony picture. 

Taran has appeared in Vogue HongKong and  ZipMagazine Hong Kong and also on the catwalk at Ukraine Fashion Week.

She posed playing a piano in a luxury apartment in Dubai where 41-year-old Grishin was pictured beside 20 naked models, but until now was not identified. 

She and Anastasia remain in a jail where the released Ukrainian models say they were treated like “animals”.

Irina Sotulenko, 23, who was also held there, said: “We did not know that there would be so many problems just because of naked butts.

“Imagine, one mattress, two blankets and 12 girls and they were screaming something in Arabic “sharmuta”. “We understood it means ‘prostitute’.

“But we were only accused of showing our naked butts, nothing else, that was all.”

She said Grishin had been in touch with members of the group from Dubai and said he hoped Evgenia and Anastasia would be freed this week.

“He is saying that he will be released, but it’s not clear when this will happen,” she added. 

Another model Yana said of her time in custody: "The interrogation was very tough. They were trying to prove that we all are involved in the escort industry. 

"There were questions such as if we were paid for sex or for the photos. We all were searched, it was very scary.

"We were treated like animals there. We were woken at night for searches.”

The released Ukrainian models say they were banned from returning to Gulf countries for at least five years. 

Grishin was previously pictured with a string of famous names including  Barack Obama - to whom he was a financial donor -  Hillary Clinton, George Clooney,  and Sylvester Stallone.

'Butt Squad' models who posed naked on a Dubai balcony all banned from returning for five years after offending public decency

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