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My wife keeps bringing boyfriends home and the kids are getting confused

DEAR DEIDRE: MY kids are paying a terrible price for my cheating.

My wife is introducing them to her stream of feckless boyfriends, who seem to pass through the house on a weekly basis..

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Meanwhile, I have to witness the whole sorry show from my makeshift bedroom in our dining room.

I can’t move out because we can’t afford it and it is better for us to parent together.

I am 35 and my wife is 32. Our two kids are eight and five.

I always knew the score — if I cheated, we would be over. But somehow I thought I could get away with it on a stag weekend in Ibiza — it seemed so far away.

I got totally blottoed and cheated on my lovely wife with a woman who was on holiday with her mates.

We went back to my hotel room and one of my mates caught us at it.

He later blabbed to his girlfriend and it got back to my missus. I know I messed up, big time, and am reminded of it every single day.

After one almighty row, my wife said we were through, and I’ve been sleeping on a camp bed for months.

Since then, my wife has started going out more, and when she brought a couple of men back to the house for drinks I could hardly complain.

But then she started letting guys sleep with her at home. The first thing I knew was when my daughter came downstairs and said, “Who’s in bed with Mummy?”

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I told her it was a friend. What else could I say?

I’ve tried to talk to my wife about it but she insists “it’s none of your business”.

I’ve now met someone — a woman of 31 who is lovely. We have a good chance of making things work but are waiting until we feel the time is right for my children.

I just wish my wife would be as courteous to me, and not confuse the hell out of the kids.

DEIDRE SAYS: Yes, it can’t be easy for you – but living together when separated is confusing for the children too.

If you were not under the same roof, your wife could have somebody over when the children are with you and vice versa.

Talk to her about how things would work best in the future. Are you certain your relationship is finished?

Some couples can come back together after cheating but you both have to want it.

Consider some family mediation to see where you go from here. You can do this through

My support pack Worried About Mum And Dad might help you to talk to the children.

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