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My weekly food bill for two is only £16, here’s my Asda shopping list so you can cut costs too


A SAVVY shopper has revealed how she managed to feed herself and her partner for around £16 a week, as she shared her meal plan for people to copy. 

Michele Morgan took on the Feed Your Family for £20 challenge, but found she came in way under budget. 

Michele uploaded snaps of her Asda shopping receipt - which she didn’t end up using all of - along with her meal planner.

Her weekly menu included dishes such as Spanish eggs, bacon butties, cottage pie, bangers and mash and chili con carne during the week. 

The shopping stretched to three meals a day for two, with some left over, as she shared tips to make the food last longer. 

Michele wrote on Facebook group Feed Yourself for £1 a Day: “We did the feed your family for £20 per week and this is what we bought and cooked for 3 meals per day for 2 of us.  

“We ended the week with food left over so I would say the cost for the whole week was more like £16.  

“The real key was that we had to plan in advance to make sure that the fresh stuff was at its best.” 

Dozens of people liked the post, as they praised Michele for sharing her tips. 

One person said: “Wow well done.”

Another wrote: “I think your post was intended to show what can be done if you’re currently spending a lot more on feeding your family. Thank you for posting, it may have really helped someone.”

A third commented: “It’s so lovely to see people genuinely trying to help others.”

While someone else simply wrote: “Thank you!”

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