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My husband only acts like a dad when he feels like it and it’s just not right


DEAR DEIDRE: WHEN my husband and I started dating he knew I was pregnant and still took my son on as his own.

Yet when we separated last year he said he didn’t need to pay me maintenance as my son isn’t biologically his.

He hardly sees him and never pays towards his upkeep, but is expecting to have him for Christmas Day, as he did last year. My son is 11, I am 34 and my ex is 33.
I’m livid. I don’t see why my ex should enjoy playing the dad card when he won’t even buy him some school shoes.

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DEIDRE SAYS: I get why you are so angry but try to put your son’s feelings first.

What does your son want?

Try not to pressure him but if your ex is making him feel like a toy he plays with when he wants to, he may not choose to spend his Christmas Day with him.

Tell your ex you need family mediation to sort this out long-term (, 0300 4000 636).

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