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My feet smell so bad, one whiff of them and I fell out of my two-story balcony, broke a rib, and dislocated my shoulder

A MAN has revealed he suffered a terrible injury after smelling his feet ... yes, you read that right.

You'll want to buckle up for this rollercoaster story.

Taking to Reddit, a man who wanted to remain anonymous (for obvious reasons...) recounted his terrible day.

"This [Today I F**ked Up] actually happened today! Or at least in the last 24 hours, either way, I’m counting it.

"I’ll be the first to admit that my feet are sometimes a little bit smelly," he admitted.

"Some of my friends and family have lovingly said they are 'odorly challenged.' I wash them in the shower every day, I’ve tried the fancy creams, but none of it seems to really help and I’ve at this point accepted that I’m just naturally a stinkfoot and will live my life with a constant faint corn chip aroma wafting from my toes.

"I live alone, and when in my apartment prefer not to wear socks or shoes. This is occasionally a point of contention with my girlfriend, who visits often and insists I at least wear socks when she comes over.

"It's mostly fun banter where she teases me for my feet smelling and I tease her for a loud burp or something like that, but sometimes after a particularly long day the foot factory releases emissions that would surely get me fined by Environmental Protection Agency, which she rightfully hates."

Despite their usual banter, things took an unexpected turn when the girlfriend came over for dinner.

"Stickfoot" man continued: "It was a nice day so we decided to get delivery from one of our favorite restaurants and eat on the balcony.

"Well, I’m at home and I’ve already liberated my tootsies from their foot prisons, and I figured it’d be nice to set the table with some flowers for my lady.

"I was outside setting up when she arrived, and she came outside to greet me. IMMEDIATELY she smelled my feet and recoiled in disgust. The most dramatic reaction ever. Fake vomiting, fake crying, she was hamming it up as part of our banter.

"I HAVE gone a bit nose blind to them over the years, so I lean against the railing to balance and go to smell them myself to see how bad they were. This was my mistake. I’m a burly guy, and this poor railing could not handle my equally overdramatic reaction of throwing my head back and screaming. It gave way.

"Luckily I’m only on the second floor, so I only fell maybe 25 feet, but it felt like it lasted a solid minute.

"It was at least long enough of a fall for me to reflect on the situation and feel like an idiot for dying from smelling my own feet.

"The aftermath is a fractured rib and dislocated shoulder, and my girlfriend never letting me live this down."

The man admitted that after his nasty fall, he was willing to seek help for his smelly feet issue.

Hopefully the treatment will be cheaper than the hospital bill.

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