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My boyfriend’s mum is rude and nasty – I’m starting to hate her


DEAR DEIDRE: WHENEVER my boyfriend’s mum comes round, she hugs him and totally blanks me. She is rude and nasty to me, and I’m starting to hate her.

I am 25 and live with my long-term boyfriend, who is 27. We even have a cat together.

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His mum has always treated me with disdain and disrespect.

She once told me she thought his ex-girlfriend – who cheated on him – was more suited to him.

It’s making me so upset.

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My boyfriend has tried talking to her, but it has made no difference.

I love him, and we are talking about getting married soon, but the thought of having her as my mother-in-law – and in my life for ever – makes me question whether our relationship can work.

DEIDRE SAYS: You need to tell your boyfriend this is making you doubt your future with him.

Ask him to talk to his mum again and to make it clear that you come first now.

If she continues being rude, she may lose him for ever.

My support pack, Standing Up For Yourself, could help you both with this conversation.

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