German amateur boxer Emanuel Odiase has revealed the difference between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder after sparring with both men.

Standing at 6'8, making him perfect to replicate Tyson Fury 's giant frame, Odiase helped Wilder last year in his preparations for a rematch with Fury. The fight didn't go Wilder's way, losing his WBC heavyweight title to the Brit by way of a seventh round stoppage.

But Wilder is not the only heavyweight champion Odiase has sparred with. The German, who has just 13 amateur fights under his belt, was in London earlier this year and spent a week sparring with the WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO champion Joshua.

Talking to The Sun, Odiase explained that: "AJ is far more technically poised and gifted than Wilder, he's a better technical fighter. As far as speed, I have to say Wilder is the quickest guy that I have been in the ring with.

Joshua vs Wilder was once the biggest fight to make at heavyweight
Joshua vs Wilder was once the biggest fight to make at heavyweight

"He's the most explosive guy that I've ever been in the ring with when he throws the one-two."

Odiase said that whilst he thinks of himself as a fast heavyweight given his height, Wilder's punches are surprisingly quick for a man who is just an inch shorter than him.

"The first right hand [from Wilder] surprised me. What's good with me is I'm good on my feet, I'm always moving in, moving out, staying light on my feet like Ali did back in the day," Odiase continued.

"I was moving quite well but in that short moment he surprised me, I moved out, I could see it coming but it was so quick it surprised me. It didn't land clean because I'm a good mover, but his speed surprised me."

All but one of Wilder's 42 professional wins have come by way of knockout. 22 of Joshua's 24 wins have also come by knockout. Regarding who hits harder, Odiase couldn't give a clear winner.

"It's hard to say because I didn't get caught cleanly by either of them, so I can't really say. One thing I will say that Wilder has in his favour is explosiveness and quickness of the punch," he continued.

"He makes the first step when he throws the one-two so quick, you can't see it coming. But with Joshua, I feel like he sets up his punches better, he's got more punches in his arsenal - jabs, hooks, uppercuts and of course, the right hand.

"Both have got the power to knock each other out."

Wilder is set to face Fury in a trilogy fight on October 9. The fight was originally scheduled for July 24, but an outbreak of COVID-19 in Fury's training camp meant the date was pushed back.

Meanwhile, Joshua will fight former undisputed cruiserweight champion Oleksandr Usyk at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on September 25.