A MURDEROUS mummy’s boy had a previous history of using violence on those who had upset his mother, it can be revealed.

Along with his half-brother Andrew Tait, 31-year-old George Preshur was this week jailed for over 20 years for the murder of Blackburn dad-of-eight Steven Thurston.

Preston Crown Court heard how the pair ‘caved’ Mr Thurston’s head in after their mother became ill from drugs she had got from him, however the Lancashire Telegraph can reveal that the callous murderer has previous for assaulting people who had upset his mother.

In June 2018, George Preshur punched a doctor working at the Oswald Medical Centre in Blackburn after he refused to write a sick note for his mother.

Prosecuting the case last December, Philippa White said: “There was an issue over her request for a sick note and she left in a state. The receptionist came in to say she was still asking about the sick note.

“Seconds later the defendant barged in and punched the doctor in the left ear.”

The doctor is said to have felt immediate pain and had to go to the hospital for treatment.

Preshur, of Keele Walk, Blackburn, avoided jail at the time after his defence solicitor stated he ‘knew he had been in the wrong’ with the way he had acted.

But less than a year after he avoided jail for the assault, he and his brother killed defenceless father-of-eight Steve Thurston while he was sat on the sofa inside his Sussex Drive home.

Last week Preston Crown Court heard how the two brothers entered his home with wooden poles and proceeded to assault him, leaving him lying in a pool of his own blood.

They then placed their weapons in plastic bags and hid them in their mother’s attic.

The attack is said to have taken less and a minute to carry out.

The two half-brothers laughed and smirked in the dock on Thursday as High Court Judge Mr Justice Clive Freedman QC jailed them both for life.

Speaking after the sentencing, Mr Thurston’s family said that their hearts had been left ‘heavy with sadness’ since his death, saying after the court case that they were satisfied with the long sentences the brothers had received.