A mum who claims to have contracted coronavirus twice says she developed a 'torturous' rash and 'has never fully recovered' nearly a year on.

Kathleen Sadler first developed symptoms of Covid in March last year and was taken to hospital.

She says she has had 'every symptom under the sun' including the three key signs - a cough, a fever and a loss of sense of taste or smell.

On March 17 she said she began projectile vomiting 'six-feet in the air' and suffering from 'horrendous pains' in her stomach, Teeside Live reports.

Her condition then deteriorated, as she became unconscious and paramedics were called to her Middlesbrough home.

Kathleen Sadler said her body rash was torture
Kathleen said her body rash was torture

She was taken into hospital but the following day was allowed to return home to be cared for by her husband. it is not known if she tested for the virus.

Then in the summer of last year, Kathleen, 67, developed a head-to-toe rash which lasted for two weeks.

She said: "I was just coughing, my ribs and my back were hurting. Then all of a sudden I got this rash. It was torture.

"I never slept for three nights just coughing and scratching."

Kathleen said the rash covered her whole body, including her eyelids, lips, in between her fingers and toes and on her scalp.

This time she had tested positive for coronavirus.

She did not test for the disease when admitted in March
She tested positive for the disease in summer

Paramedics were called out again as she was struggling to breath and they gave her an injection. However, she was advised to go to a Covid hub at North Ormesby to help treat the rash.

She was told that it was possible that five months later she hadn't recovered from the virus or her 'antibodies had worn off.'

Kathleen said she had the rash for around two weeks and suffered from the chest infection for around three weeks during her claimed second bout of covid-19.

But she says that she has never recovered fully from the first time and 'still to this day continues to suffer from night sweats and constant fatigue.'

She said: "The first time was worse. I was in bed for about five weeks, it was horrendous.

"The night sweats started in March and never went away.

"This Covid is a beast."