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Mum uses old Domino’s pizza boxes and sticks from dog walks to create stunning wicker letters for kids’ bedroom doors


DOING up your home during the lockdown needn't require lots of pricey online deliveries.

One mum has revealed how she has fashioned her children amazing DIY wicker letters for their bedroom doors - using old Domino's pizza boxes and sticks acquired during daily dog walks.

In a post on Facebook group 'Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks', the creative parent explained how her change of lifestyle during the coronavirus pandemic had come in handy, including takeaways and daily exercise.

The woman called Stacey shared pictures of a silver wicker heart and the letter 'T', as well as the cardboard beginnings of an 'N' sign.

She wrote: "When your Domino's boxes come in handy!!

"This has kept me busy over the last few days, hunting for sticks while I walk the dogs to make a wicker heart and some letters for my kids bedroom doors.

"Haven't finished the letters yet, I'm going to add some flowers and ribbon to it when they're finished, but will upload a photo once they are finished."

The mum added that she had used a glue gun to attach the twigs and then spray painted them silver.

She also shared that she begun the heart initially by tying sticks together at one end, and then using bendy twigs to create the right shape.

Her post went down well with fellow members who left more than 180 'likes'.

One person commented: "What a lovely idea and they look great."

Another wrote: "Clever."

A third shared: "Omg I'm so gonna try this excellent job."

And a fourth added: "Amazing! I've never attempted anything like this but would like to give it a go."

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