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Mum shares simple trick for making your veggies last a MONTH and it doesn’t cost a thing


A MUM has shared her amazing tip for making vegetables last up to a month - and you’’ll wish you thought of it sooner.

Kate Freebairn, from Western Australia, took to her Facebook page The Pantry Mama, where she shared the “great idea” she came across.

Sharing a pic of the hack she revealed: “Stored carrots and celery submerged in water.

“Celery will last for two weeks, and carrots up to one month.”

She later added, “Just remember to change the water daily” and said the jars are best stored in the fridge.

Her followers were amazed by the hack, while others admitted they had already been doing it and sharing their own tips.

One wrote: “My Husband has done this for years and at first I thought WHAT? 🤔 but it works amazingly well! But yes, change water 1-2 daily.”

Another added: “I do this with lettuce, stops it going brown.”

“Why not go a step further and throw some salt in!! Leave them on the kitchen bench for a few days and then you have fermented veggies in the jar! Even more nutritious!” added a third.

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