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Mum shares her recipe for Malteser cake & you don’t need to put in the oven or the fridge

A MUM has shared her simple recipe to make a Malteser cake - and you don’t need to put it in the oven or the fridge. 

If you were looking to whip up a sweet treat this weekend, one woman’s recipe is going down a storm online and it’s incredibly easy to make. 

Alongside a bag of Maltesers, you’ll need Digestive biscuits, golden syrup and some white chocolate to recreate the bake. 

Explaining how to whip up the delicious dessert, one mum uploaded a tutorial to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, where it’s been liked hundreds of times. 

She said: “Crush up the digestive biscuits and Maltesers in a bowl (shown in the picture).

“Melt the butter and golden syrup and add to the bowl, mix well. (3rd picture shows what it should look like).

“Spread out evenly in a tray (as shown in the picture).

“Melt the white chocolate and spread out evenly (as shown in the picture).

“Blend a handful of Maltesers and sprinkle all over.

“Add chocolate buttons.

“Leave on the side overnight to set and cut up the next day.


She explained this will make the chocolate too hard, and it will crack.

And while she used chocolate buttons in her version, you can always top yours with more Malteser balls. 

The cake is going down a storm online, with one person commenting: “I want to make this!”

Another wrote: “This looks good to make."

A third said: “I need this in my life."

Someone else thought: “Gonna have to try this lol.”

While this person added: “That looks delicious. Thank you for the recipe.”

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