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Mum says it’s ‘outrageous’ dads can’t stay overnight in maternity wards but others claim their SNORING keeps mums awake

A MUM has divided internet users by questioning if dads should be allowed to sleep over in maternity wards.

London-based author Annie Ridout said it is “outrageous” when partners can’t stay over in the postnatal ward as dads “need to bond too” – however not everyone is convinced.

She wrote: “I think this is outrageous - unfair on the mother; unfair on the father, who's being made to feel unimportant. He needs to bond too. Do other UK hospitals have this rule?”

Many mums agreed with her that the rules were “annoying” and that new mums “need support” after labour.

One wrote: “That is insane!! I am in Leicester and my partner was able to stay as long as he wanted. You need support after giving birth.”

Another added: “It's such a valid point especially when a new family are trying to bond, when there's a lack of night staff and when a woman needs the physical and emotional support.”

And one mum said that having partners staying over can be a source of comfort for women, and takes the pressure off busy midwives.

She wrote: “So tricky. I remember my husband and I were both crying when he had to leave a few hours after I had my 1st. Absolutely the time we needed each other most. But I do see the predicament.”

But some mums said having men in their maternity ward was disruptive and not peaceful for them and their baby.

One mum explained: “It sounds like a good thing, but after I had someone’s threatening partner staying next to me whilst bed-bound, I changed my mind.

“You want your own partner there, but I really didn’t want anyone else’s.”

And others said the bond wouldn’t be affected by dads spending one night apart from their baby.

One explained: “Hospitals aren't hotels. It's one or two nights out of your life. A good dad will bond whatever, doing the first nappy change makes no difference.”

Another added: “I wished that partners hadn't have been allowed to stay as I got so little sleep due to the loudest snoring husband in my ward.”

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