A mum claims says she has been living with the 'stench of death' due to a rat infestation after moving into her council house two years ago.

The woman said had been made homeless at the age of 65 when her private landlord told her he wanted to sell her rented home.

Birmingham City Council moved her into a hotel, then into a temporary accommodation apartment, where she remained for three years.

The grandmother-of-three was eventually offered a permanent house near to Birmingham city centre, but was gutted to find she had inherited a rat problem.

She told Birmingham Live she has pleaded with the council, been to the ombudsman and even instructed solicitors to try to resolve the issue but the vermin continues to plague her on a daily basis.

She is embarrassed to tell people about the rat issue (



She said: "The pest control officers from the council have been out and have said there's a dead rat trapped behind my kitchen cupboard where I keep all my food supplies, that's what's causing the stench.

"They also found a bag of rice bran that had been bitten open and there were droppings all around it, which shows that the rats are still active in my kitchen, eating my food.

"I broke down in tears whilst they were here. I feel like I don't want to tell anyone about my rat problem because I think they won't want to come round again.

"It's been two years of hell living here. I inherited these problems when I moved in."

Initially, she ordered glue traps, poison and bait traps online and put them down herself but it didn't solve the problem.

She went to her local councillor, who advised her to check for cracks and holes and to fill them in, which she has done.

She has lived with the issue for two years (



She added: "I think that's just cemented the infestation in.

"I am now living with the stench of death and decomposition in my home.

"I've found four or five dead rats. The council came and took one away and I put the others in the bin. One got into the radiator and when the council came for an inspection, it dropped down onto the floor."

She added: "I'm 70 and I live on my own. It's a constant battle to keep the house clean when the rats are around all the time.

"It's embarrassing. It makes you feel like you are being judged by society, you feel like people are wondering if you've done something to cause it.

"But I think the rats are coming from underground outside the property. There are three sofas, bags and suitcases that have been dumped outside, that's not helping.

"The council has put poison down in the kitchen and the bathroom but the rats are still here. I just want it all to stop. I want to be rid of the rats completely."

A Birmingham City Council spokesman said: "As there is currently an ongoing legal case in respect of the issues raised, we therefore are not in a position to comment any further.

"However, it is worth emphasising that any tenant with a rat problem can request a free visit from a council pest control officer."

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