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Mum says her ‘perfect’ boyfriend calls her vagina MARY – and she’s considering dumping him over it

A MUM has revealed her "perfect" boyfriend refers to her vagina as "Mary" - as she reckons it's grounds for a dumping.

Posting on Mumsnet, she wrote: "He’s perfect in every way except…… He refers to my vagina as my 'Mary'.

"Mary. MARY. AIBU (am I being unreasonable) to cut my losses and run?

"I’ve told him to stop. He is trying. It just seems to slip out. Mary ffs."

When asked for an example of him using it in a sentence, she said: “Your Mary feels so good tonight” before adding: "Apologies for anyone eating lunch".

"He seems unable to use a more explicit term," she added.

And her fellow mums were equally horrified, writing: "cut and run", "start calling his penis the slug" and "There's Something About Mary."

One woman said: "No, just no. I shuddered when you gave the example."

While a second wrote: "He actually says this while you are engaging in intercourse? <faints>".

And a third added: "I suppose Mary is (marginally) better than derogatory slang for it but it's not it?"

Another mum said it was only an acceptable nickname "if you're five years old".

While one asked: "How do you sleep with this man OP, that's grim - Probably some weird latent emotional problems he has to do with women/sex/shame. Maybe that was what he and his ex called it...

"Its embarrassing, disrespectful and incredibly off putting. He sounds very far from perfect."

And another quipped: "Maybe he’s using it as contraception? If a bloke tried that, mine would seal up immediately."

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