A 10-year-old boy found a sewing needle in his Asda banana after biting into the fruit, his 'shocked' mum has claimed.

Police and Asda are investigating after Joanne Aiken claims there were several sharp pins in the bunch of bananas.

Asda say they have no idea how this could have happened - but they are taking it extremely seriously, reports Edinburgh Live .

Joanne, of Falkirk, posted on Facebook : "Just to make everyone aware when buying bananas from Asda, Grangemouth. Please check them.

"These were found in each of ours. One last night and today my wee boy bit into one and found another. Please be careful if you or your wee ones eat bananas."

"Totally shocking", she added.

The needles were big and sharp

Joanne's 10-year-old son made the grim discovery after bitting into the fruit, which had been bought from Asda's Grangemouth store.

She said that she later found more needles after inspecting the rest of the bananas from the same bunch.

Police are working alongside the supermarket to investigate the incident. Asda have also apologised but have stressed to customers that it was an isolated incident.

After they were made aware of the grim discovery, staff at the store recalled the bananas on the shop floor to check for more foreign objects but say they found nothing.

Ms Jones said she was left humiliated by her ordeal
Asda are concerned by this incident

An Asda spokesperson said: "We take matters of food safety extremely seriously and are at a loss to understand how this could have happened, but we would like to assure all customers that as soon as we were made aware of the allegation we launched a full investigation.

"Whilst we haven’t received any other complaints of this nature and there are no signs of any defects to the bananas in our Grangemouth store, we would like to apologise for any concern caused and thank Ms Aiken for bringing the product back so we can investigate what has happened here.”

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A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Officers have been made aware a banana, bought from a store in Grangemouth, was found with a sewing needle in it.

"Officers are liaising with the store and existing stock has been checked. No further incidents have been reported. No one has been injured and enquiries are ongoing."