It's perfectly normal for little ones to go through a stage of wetting the bed.

Accidents in the night often leave parents scrambling around for replacement bedding when they would far rather be catching up on some much-needed sleep.

But one mum has shared her handy hack to ensure you won't have to waste time changing covers - or give up a spot in your own bed - anymore.

Sharing the advice on TikTok, the mum captioned the video: "How to make changing the sheets easier when your child wets the bed."

Other parents labelled the hack 'genius'
It's so simple

She says: "Quick tip - if your child wets the bed at night or leaks through their pullups, here's a way to make changing the sheets in the middle of the night so much easier."

She pulls back the covers to reveal a bedsheet and mattress protector double stacked on another set underneath, so the first layer can be quickly whipped off in the night if needed.

"So you're going to do a double layer," she explained. "On top, you have the sheet with a mattress pad under that, so when they do wet the bed all you have to do is take away these top layers.

"Then you have a clean dry sheet under that with another mattress pad underneath."

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Advice for parents

She also recommends keeping a spare blanket in the room to replace the duvet, so the child can jump straight back into bed - and so can you.

The time-saving tip has been praised by other parents who branded it the 'perfect idea'.

One replied to say: "I'm shook. So smart!"

Another said: "This is genius!"

A third commented: "Yes!! I learned this hack on a podcast and it has saved me time while I'm tired!"