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Mum of tragic baby shaken to death by monster dad says she’ll ‘never forgive’ him and slams soft jail-term

THE shattered mum of a baby shaken to death by her monster dad slammed his soft jail term and insisted she'll never forgive him.

Little Hollie Ashurst suffered a "catalogue of injuries" in the horror attack when her brute father Daniel Ashurst, 33, was looking after her while her mum returned to work from maternity leave.

Mum Leanne Thompson was just two days into her new job when she received a phone call saying her daughter had been rushed to hospital.

Ashurst shook her so violently he killed her. He was yesterday jailed for 12 years having been found guilty of manslaughter.

Sentencing Ashurst, a judge told him he had "extinguished" all of young Hollie's potential with a "lengthy and protracted sequence of assaults on her" on February 28 last year.

Now, devastated Leanne has spoken out, branding the twisted killer "the most horrible, vile man ever".

She told the Manchester Evening News: "The sentence is nowhere near long enough. He will only serve five because he has already been in custody for a year.

"He will be walking free by the time he is 40. It is disgusting. I will never forgive him."

As Ashurst was led from the dock, there were shouts of "monster" and "baby killer" from the public gallery.

He had been left to look after his daughter on February 28 last year at their home in Wigan after Leanne returned to work at a beauty salon following maternity leave.

He will be walking free by the time he is 40. It is disgusting. I will never forgive him.

Leanne Thompson

Hollie was found covered in bruises and scrapes on her head and neck and what appeared to be two bite marks to her hand and thigh.

Hospital scans on her lifeless body showed that she had bleeding on the brain, her spinal cord and in her eyes, and had a broken ankle.

Leanne relived the moment she was told her baby had been rushed to hospital.

She said: "It was awful. I slammed the phone down and ran as fast as I could. When I got to the hospital, it was horrendous.

"The paramedics actually stopped and asked if I was ready to see what I was going to see.

"Something was not adding up, I knew he had done something. He stood far away from Hollie while I was begging at the side of her bed.

"He never put his arm around me or tried to reassured me. On one occasion, I asked him if he had injured Hollie and he never said anything."

During the Manchester Crown Court trial, Ashurst claimed Hollie's injuries were caused by a series of falls in the hours before he ran into a GP surgery with her limp body in his arms.

Ashurst then told a paramedic she had bumped her head after falling down the two steps, but had crawled back up.

He then changed his version of his events, claiming Hollie had fallen off a bed at their home earlier that morning.

He said he left her upstairs and went outside to the bin but returned to find her shaking "from head to toe" on the staircase.

He then claimed he snagged his shorts on something and lost his grip on Hollie, accidentally dropping her down the stairs.

Ashurst also said Hollie had also fallen from her car seat when he braked hard at a red light.

He had previously told a mental health nurse he feared he would struggle to cope to look after Hollie when his partner returned to work.

There is memorial garden for Hollie at Howe Bridge Crematorium in Atherton, but Leanne says she struggles to visit the shrine.

I will always remember the good times with Hollie. That is how I have managed to get through each day.

Leanne Thompson

She went on: "I will always remember the good times with Hollie. That is how I have managed to get through each day.

"I try to remember all the good memories we had, and all the nice things we did together.

"We were so close. No one will ever take that away from us.

"She would come everywhere with me, we would do activities together, go to play groups.

"She was always by my side. I did everything - I washed her, dressed her, bathed her."

Leanne has since found love and is in a happy, loving relationship with her new partner Ben.

She says he has offered unwavering support.

The mum said: "Ben has been amazing. He has taken a lot on and he did not have to.

"We knew each other beforehand, but he did not know about Hollie.

"He could have walked away when he found out, but he decided to stick by me and give me all of his support."

He proposed to Leanne during a holiday to Fuerteventura in December.
She agreed to marry him and, with the trial over, the couple hopes for some closure so they can plan their wedding.

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