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Mum of quads on her hectic life – with 30 nappy changes and four hours of tidying EVERY day

A MUM-OF-FIVE has opened up about her hectic life, with 30 nappy changes and four hours of tidying every single day.

Kendall MacDonald, from New Zealand, gave birth to surprise quads in August 2018, after previously struggling to conceive because of PCOS.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, the 28-year-old said: "It was crazy, I didn’t even know you could have quadruplets.

"Our first scan only showed one baby, the second scan showed two, the third scan showed three and the fourth scan showed four. It just kept going up.

"We were kind of getting used to multiples as we went along - I can’t imagine what it would have felt like if we were originally told it was going to be four."

The busy full-time mum and husband Josh, 28, a factory supervisor, were already parents to Brooklyn, now five, who they conceived naturally.

Kendall went onto get pregnant again but miscarried, so started taking Clomifene to help her ovulate.

The medication increases your chances of having twins to between five and eight per cent, but Kendall defied the odds by conceiving two sets of twins at the same time.

Molly, Hudson, Indie and Quinn are now 18 months old.

She said: "It's getting a lot easier to care for them as they get older, but because they still don't understand how to share they do fight over toys, that's probably the hardest thing now.

"When they were young babies, the hardest thing was if they got upset. If they all started crying at once, I could only see to one baby at a time."

It was crazy, I didn’t even know you could have quadruplet

Kendall MacDonald28

Kendall and Josh were forced to sell their three-bed house in Timaru and move to a four-bed - which they're planning to convert into a six-bed - to host their growing family.

Currently, the quads are still in cots and sleeping in two separate rooms. Molly and Hudson, who are fraternal twins, share one room while Indie and Quinn, who are identical, have the other.

The MacDonald family also have a self-contained flat underneath their home, which Kendall says will be "perfect" when her brood become teenagers.

But for now, the tots are still putting their parents through their paces by waking 10 or more times-a-night.

Kendall said: "They wake 10 plus times-a-night, but it's getting better. I go to bed at midnight and if they wake before 3am, I have to do them.

"Either Josh or our nanny takes over from me at 3am and I normally get up about 7.30 or 8am."

Their nanny works 30 hours-a-week while Josh, who works four days out of every eight, helps out whenever he's at home.

Kendall said: "We have a set routine throughout the day - breakfast, bottles, lunch, nap time.

"I get Brooklyn dressed and take him to school, then our nanny leaves when I get home.

"At midday, we try and get out of the house for a walk, we live next to a park so we often go there.

"Then they get up from their naps at around 2.30pm, that's the same time we pick Brooklyn up from school so that's crazy time.

"That's also the hardest time with the babies, they're always really grumpy after a nap.

"They have dinner at 4pm, then we do lots of playing, dinner, baths and more playtime before bed at 7pm.

"The only time I get to myself is during nap time, so about an hour and a half.

"When Josh is off work, that's when I get to do everything I need to do. About five days-a-week I got to the gym and I play a lot of team sports."

The family's daily routine

Midnight: Mum goes to bed

3am: Nanny or dad takes over from mum for night wakes

7am: The kids get up

7.30/8am: Mum gets up. She dresses Brooklyn and all the kids have breakfast

9am: Brooklyn goes to school

Midday: Mum takes the quads out for a walk after lunch

1pm: Nap time

2.30pm: The quads wake and Brooklyn is picked up from school

4pm: Dinner time for the quads, followed by a bath and playtime

7pm: Bed time

7.30pm: Mum and dad eat dinner

Although Kendall and Josh love their kids, daily life is hugely challenging.

When it comes to keeping them entertained, Kendall said: "They have lots of toys.

"We have just finished landscaping our back garden, so we put a big playground in and a trampoline.

"Brooklyn always entertains them, they love that. They love sitting with us and playing, or looking at books.

"They still have two bottles-a-day each and we get through at least 20 or 30 nappies-a-day.

"I'm dreading having to potty train them all together, but they say girls are easier to train than boys, so I'm grateful I have three.

"I'm a bit clean freak, so I'm always tidying up too. I spend about four hours-a-day tidying.

"When I get up in the morning, I tidy then. I will sporadically clean the house throughout the day and when the kids go for a nap I have another big tidy.

"After their dinner, I have a tidy up and again after they go to bed. I'm always tidying, there's always toys everywhere."

Mum of quad's life in numbers

Every day consists of...

20-30 nappies

Four hours of tidying

Cooking four separate dinners

One or two loads of laundry

Eight bottles of formula milk

Four dinners-a-day

Weekly food shop: £150 (NZ$300)

It's not just the quads who keep Kendall busy, the mum also cooks four separate dinners every day to keep everyone happy.

She said: "I'm vegetarian so I have different meal. My husband has a special diet because he's quite big on the gym.

"I cook Brooklyn a meal as well, because he's a fussy five-year-old, then I cook the babies a meal.

"I always keep lunch pretty easy, just sandwiches with fruit."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the quads have never been on holiday.

Kendall said: "It takes up to an hour to get them into the car, although it's easier in summer because you don't have to pack jackets and stuff.

"I always have a bag ready to go, with nappies, snacks and dummies. The hardest thing is dressing them and getting them in their car seats.

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"We haven't taken our babies away yet, it would be too hard. I'm really scared about nap time.

"Brooklyn turned five a few weeks ago so we took him on a big trip to Auckland, which is a two-hour car ride and two-hour plane from our house.

"We were thinking about taking the babies, but the more we looked into it then harder it would have been.

"We would have had to take into account nap times and to rent a car alone was going to be £1,000 (NZ$2,000) for all the car seats and a big van.

"Once they are out of the car seats and we've dropped their nap time during the day, we will definitely take them on a trip somewhere."

Despite already running a family-of-seven, Kendall says she wouldn't rule out adding to her brood.

Kendall said: "Some days I think about it but it would be too hard and I don’t think it would be fair on the children we already have. But I would never say never. "

You can keep up with Kendall's crazy life here.