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Mum makes her messy teenagers sign cleaning contract and fines them £5 for every broken rule


A FED-UP mum made her messy teenagers sign a house-keeping contract — and fines them for every broken rule.

Katrina Neathey had spent years tidying up after Hayden, 19, Joshua, 18, and Olivia, 13.

She said: “They’d hide dirty clothes or plates at the back of their wardrobe. I’ve found milk bottles left to go off.

“The worst was a used chopping board.”

The final straw came when Katrina, 36, found mud on a new £2,000 carpet.

She called the trio to the dining table and handed them ten-point contracts.

The rules include making their beds, putting dirty washing in the laundry basket, putting away clothes and no food or fizzy drinks in the bedroom.

The boys, both apprentices, are fined £5 fine per rule break — while Olivia loses her phone for a day for each infringement.

Katrina, of Horsham, West Sussex, who co-runs a cleaning firm, said her “harsh but fair” plan was working and she has pocketed only £20 since introducing the rules last month.

Katrina — married to carpenter Gareth, 41 — said: “The boys will notice when £5 has gone out their pocket.

“It’s making my life so much easier. I don’t have to nag, which is great for everyone.”

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